Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mind Reality is the Next Stage in Human Evolution

Mind Reality is the Next Stage 
in Human Evolution

“Evolution works through indirection: It creates a capability and then uses that capability to evolve to the next stage. The computer and internet has been created. So there is no need to create them again. The next stage is in building upon these technologies. 

This is why this is the information age. Internet marketing is the way to go. This is also the reason why the companies that have risen next are Google and Facebook. Google works in search and organizing of information. Facebook is more than just an online friend connection network unlike previously defunct social networks. It is a social network that makes it easier and more interactive for people to share information with each other. All of these companies are involved in information technology and information marketing. 

What makes information technology different from books is that information can be altered and updated instantly, can be accessed more easily, and interacted with in so many ways that books cannot offer. Companies and businesses that work with information technology and information marketing are riding the next stage of human evolution. The rapid synthesis and spreading of information will eventually increase human awareness and intelligence to the point where we can mentally manipulate time, space, matter and reality with greater capability and success.

The most advanced field of human knowledge is in the area of mind power. 

Companies that deal with Mind Power and Internet Marketing are involved in the most advanced field of all. All throughout human history, the most advanced of human knowledge has been kept hidden from the masses, and passed along mostly by mouth to ear, and through secret books. Such knowledge was known as the occult. The occult means “concealed”. But what is concealed will be revealed. The Bible says in the Book of Daniel that in the end times “Knowledge shall run to and fro”. This is only possible through the invention of the computer and the internet. With the internet, there is no longer any more barrier to knowledge, and anyone can access information from anywhere in the world and share their ideas to the whole world. Humanity is now in the end times and at the final stage of human evolution. We are at omega point. We are at the brink of becoming gods. 

In the past, the most advanced civilization was Atlantis. They were destroyed in a cataclysmic event called Noah’s Flood. Why is there so little information recorded about Atlantis technology? It is because their technology was developed to a point where they were able to store all their information in the etheric level of reality. It is one level up in the nonphysical planes of existence. Another name for it is hyperspace. Our current human civilization is also progressing towards the state that Atlantis once attained. Our data storage has evolved from the floppy disk, to the compact disc, to the thumb drive, and now it is all in the cloud. Information storage is not entirely nonphysical yet since the virtual world is still run on actual physical machines.

One day our physical devices will be replaced by holograms and we only need to carry around holographic emitters. Then further on we can even do away with the physical holographic emitters entirely and work with information by bridging physical and nonphysical reality directly with our minds.”

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