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Por Enoch Tan

Pure universal knowledge includes everything. If you are adhering to one line of thought, one mode of thinking, one idea structure, and excluding all others, then you are not having pure knowledge. Spirit is identified with the Cosmos itself. The authority to discover God is within the power of each individual and they are encouraged to make direct and personal observations. There is no limit to knowledge, which means all that can be conceived by the human mind, and even more, is not only possible, but real.

The only defense needed is knowledge. Knowledge defends you against every possible form of harm in existence. The more knowledge you have, the less fear you have, the less pain you have, the less stress you feel, the less anguish you feel, and the less danger you experience of any form or sort. There is no limitation in the concept behind the word knowledge. 

Therefore the value of the word “knowledge” is infinite. You could think of how that one concept, that one meaning frees you from all limitation.

Metaphysics - Beyond the Physical into the Spiritual

All things are governed by universal laws, whether physical or spiritual. In everything there is order. There is a system of design by infinite intelligence. He is a being known as God and many other names. The universal laws are simply an extension of his being.

Meta means above, beyond and behind.

Metaphysical means beyond the physical realm and into the spiritual realm. The metaphysical and physical realm are not two separate realities but they are just different levels of the same reality.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that examines the fundamental nature of all reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, appearance and substance, form and essence.

To call one a metaphysician in this traditional, philosophical sense indicates nothing more than his or her interest in attempting to discover what underlies everything.

To examine the nature of physical reality, we must do so from a level above it. Einstein said that we can never solve a problem in the same level of consciousness that it was created with. We have to advance to a higher level to deal with it powerfully.

All things psychological have a spiritual basis behind them. Reality is ultimately the result of spiritual factors.

The Metaphysics was divided into three parts, now regarded as the traditional branches of Western metaphysics, called (1) ontology, (2) theology and (3) universal science. There were also some smaller, perhaps tangential matters: a philosophical lexicon, an attempt to define philosophy in general and several extracts from the Physics repeated verbatim.

Ontology is the study of existence; it has been traditionally defined as ‘the science of being qua being’.

Theology means, here, the study of God or the gods and of questions about the divine.

Universal science is supposed to be the study of so-called first principles, which underlie all other inquiries; an example of such a principle is the law of non-contradiction: A = A, A not = B, Not both A and B. In other words, the elementary laws of logic as Aristotle knew them.

There is an absolute science to all things spiritual and it isn’t mysterious at all. It is only mysterious according to the level of awareness we have. The higher our level of awareness is, the more the mystery is resolved. – Mind Reality

Metaphysics is Mind Science, Universal Science and Spiritual Science.

To heal is to make happy. Think about how many opportunities you have had to gladden yourself, and how many you have refused. This is the same as having refused to heal yourself. The light that belongs to you is the light of joy. Radiance is not associated with sorrow. When you are not being wholly joyous yourself, you are depriving others of the joy of responding wholeheartedly. Hurt people hurt people. Only the healed can heal. The whole secret of healing is to receive joy so that you can emanate it.

To be wholehearted you must be happy. Fear and love cannot coexist, therefore it is impossible to be totally fearful and remain alive. The only possible whole state is that of love. There is no difference between love and joy. Therefore the only possible whole state is that of being wholly joyous. To heal or to make joyous is therefore the same as to integrate and to make one. There is no difference between healing yourself and healing others. When you heal yourself, you heal others. Your joy is most important.


The Secret of Creation is Emotion. Emotion is the birthing process. The Universal Mind as Great Mother birthed all things into existence by emotion. The one thing only became the ten thousand things by feeling. The very act of feeling moves and shapes the universal substance. Thought is masculine while feeling is feminine. The feminine gives birth while the masculine impregnates. Only when your thought is turned into feeling will your subconscious mind work upon subjective reality and substantiate idea.

All emotion is energy. As long as there is intense emotion whether positive or negative, you can create what you want. Realize that you can use not only the desirable emotions but also undesirable emotions to create or affect reality. A burst of emotional energy such as frustration or disgust can pull a manifestation into happening. But of course it would be much better to use desirable emotions to create on the long run. Negative energy may have repercussions, but positive energy is pure and complete.


Intelligence, love and beauty are the same thing called Truth. To understand this, we simply have to know the relationship between the third and fourth dimension of reality. Objects in the third dimension are cross sections of their complete form in the fourth dimension. To make it easier to understand this Transdimensional relationship, we can picture it using two dimensional and three dimensional forms. Man can be considered as a Cube. When a cube passes through a plane or flat piece of land, it will form different shapes on the plane depending on the orientation of the cube against the plane.

If the cube is passing through the plane at an uneven angle, it will form the shape of an irregular polygon on the plane. The most perfect angle for the cube to pass through the plane is when it forms a square. It means the cube is “square” to the plane. This is symmetry, harmony, stability, balance and wholeness. Imagine this relationship between the cube and the plane as the relationship between our fourth dimensional selves and the third dimensional world. This is the secret of living a life of harmony.

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