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Por Enoch Tan -

It is not too difficult to be healthy. All one needs is to live life simply and not to do worry or stress too much. It is not too difficult to have love in life. Any fool can be in a relationship with someone else of the same kind. But it takes a certain level of intelligence to create wealth and to keep it. The foolish can never create wealth no matter how much they wish for it. Delight is not seemly for a fool, much less for a servant to have rule over princes. The creation of wealth is the measure of wisdom being gotten.

You can tell the order of the value of things by how they are distributed in society. The majority of people have health, friendships and relationships. But it is the minority of people who have great success and wealth. The distribution of wealth in society also matches the distribution of intelligence in society. The majority possess average wealth and intelligence. It is those at the top that possess greater wealth and greater intelligence. Such are the elites. It is a fact of life, and you can use it to your benefit.


The Power that Leaders of Groups Possess:  As soon as a certain number of living beings are gathered together, whether they are animals or men, they place themselves instinctively under the authority of a chief. In the case of humans, the chief is often nothing more than a centerpiece. His will is the nucleus around which the opinions of the group are collected and attain to identity. He constitutes the first element towards the organization of heterogeneous groups which directs. A group is a chaotic flock that is incapable of ever doing without a leader.

The leaders we speak of are more frequently men of action than thinkers. They are not gifted with keen foresight, nor could they be, as this quality generally conduces to doubt and inactivity. The intensity of their faith gives great power of suggestion to their words. The multitude is always ready to listen to the strong-willed man, who knows how to impose himself upon it. They’re led by power. Men gathered in a crowd lose all force of will and turn instinctively to the person who possesses the quality they lack.

3. Resistencia y debilidad del deseo

Many people feel something that’s quite different from desire when they use the word desire. Desire often feels like yearning for them. Because while they are focused on something they want to experience or have, they are equally aware of its absence. So while they are using the word desire, they are offering a vibration of lack. They come to think that the feeling of desire is like wanting something that they do not have. But there’s no feeling of lack in pure desire. The feeling of pure desire is always delicious.

Many people desires things that they do not have fully yet, and may have desired them for a long period of time. So they think about the thing they desire, and then they think about not having it. In time, they come to believe that the way they feel as they think about what they want and not having it but cannot figure out how to get it is the way desire feels. This isn’t the state of pure desire but the state of resisted desire. Their vibration is often more about the absence or lack of the thing than the desire itself.


Consciousness is omnipresent not only across space but also across time. Which means that consciousness exist in simultaneous time where the past and future exist together in the present with the present. In consciousness, there is only one moment in time, and that is the eternal now. The past and future exist as probable events that are happening right now in the mental plane. The physical plane is where events in the mental plane move in and out of manifestation as we travel through physical time.

The difference between the dream world and the physical world is that events taking place in the physical world are linear in sequence. Which means there is a logical progression from one event to the next without break in continuity. But in the dream world, events are nonlinear and discontinuous, which means you could be observing one event and the next moment, you are in a completely different one. This is how experience in the mental plane is like, where time is nonlinear and you can time travel.

Intuition works in a way where you connect your consciousness to an alternate possible universe by focusing on a particular choice. That alternate universe that exist in a probable future of yours vibrates at a particular frequency. You sense that frequency with your feeling. If that alternate state of the universe is a desirable one for you, the feeling you get will be desirable. Which means that you are knowing ahead how you would feel if you were in that universe. This is how your spirit tells you good choices.

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